What is Cyst in Kidney | And Can Kidney Cyst Cure with Homeopathy

Are Cysts on your Kidneys Dangerous

Are Cysts on your Kidneys Dangerous. Kidney cysts may cause complications, such as:

  • A cyst is infected. A kidney cyst can become infected and cause pain and fever.
  • A cyst burst. A kidney cyst that bursts can cause extreme discomfort in your back or on your side.
  • Occlusion of the urinary tract. A kidney cyst that blocks urinary flow could cause inflammation of the kidneys (hydronephrosis).

Is Cortical Cyst in Kidney Dangerous

The majority of the time, the renal cortical cyst is a simple kidney cyst that will not cause serious complications when it is kept to a small size. But, an 8-cm renal cortical cyst is over the capabilities of kidneys to handle, and it could cause some issues to the kidneys of patients as well as the body in general.

Do Kidney Cysts Hurt

Do Kidney Cysts Hurt. In the majority of cases, simple kidney cysts are not a cause of discomfort and generally don’t require treatment. However, in certain instances, simple kidney cysts can become to be large enough to cause mild pain that can be felt in the lower back, side, or upper abdomen. These cysts could also get infected, which can cause pain, swelling, and fever.

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