What is Cyst in Kidney | And Can Kidney Cyst Cure with Homeopathy

Apis Mellifica – For Ovarian Cyst

This is a great remedy for cases of Ovarian cysts. This medicine can cause there is a pain in the ovaries present. The pain is usually painful, burning, and stinging. It could include a cutting. In the majority of cases, it is required there is a feeling of ovarian pain in the course of the intercourse. The pain could extend across the ovaries to the thighs at times. Other symptoms that are associated with it include the feeling of weight, tightness, and tenderness of the ovarian area.


Ruta – For Ganglion Cyst

This remedy is made by utilizing a plant known as Ruta graveolens also called Rue. This plant is part of the family of Rutaceae. It is a highly effective remedy for removing ganglion cysts. It works best within the ganglion in the wrist.


Calcarea Fluor – For Cyst in Eyelids (Chalazion)

This medication has an excellent capacity to treat cystic lumps on the eyelids. It slowly reduces the size of the cyst.


Graphites – For Sebaceous Cyst

It is also a popular remedy to treat sebaceous cysts. It is similar to the medicine Silicea. If it is required the cyst may discharge pus in a tiny amount. the cyst could be seen.


Sabina – For Cyst in Vulva of Females

The ingredient in this medicine comes using the Juniperus sabina plant. The plant is part of the family of conifers. It is recommended for vulva cysts in females. The cysts are extremely tender and painful with with the pain is tearing. The pain is more intense when you are at rest.

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