What is The Special and Benefits of Nori Sushi

What is The Special and Benefits of Nori Sushi? Nori is generally thin sheet-shaped, usually found in Japanese specialties such as sushi. When choosing groceries of course you want to get the best.


What is sushi nori?

It is a very thin strip of seaweed covered in rice. Although sometimes difficult to make, nori sushi has become one of the most popular sushi-making styles in Japan.

It’s not just a bowl of raw fish. It’s a fusion of art and science. It combines flavors from several different countries, all united in the art of sushi making.


What is The Special and Benefits of Nori Sushi


What’s nori made of?

Nori is a preparation in the form of dried seaweed sheets. The raw material of its manufacture is red seaweed Porphyra type. Porphyra is cold water seaweed that grows in cold, shallow seawater.


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How much does nori cost?

That’s a common question among sushi enthusiasts. The amount of money you have to pay for nori depends on many factors, such as the brand and style of your sushi restaurant, the size of your budget, and your personal preferences.

If you plan to open a new restaurant, it is best to get feedback from existing customers about their experience there. This will help you plan your budget and know if you are spending too much or too little.

Most sushi restaurants use kaiten or seaweed wrappers instead of wrapping rice now. The wrappers tend to be thicker than traditional nori, which makes them a little more expensive.

However, the wrapper can be reused and can be used again. Since they’re a little heavier, the price goes up a little bit. Wrappers are also easier to cut without tearing, and you have more control over how much stuffing you want to include.

But for the estimated price of the priceless nori $2.00 to $25.00


Is nori healthy?

According to traditional medical wisdom, the answer is yes. The key to eating healthy foods is to eat foods that are high in nutrients and low in saturated fats, salt, sugars, and other additives.

Nori (the Japanese name for seaweed) is the Japanese word for an edible sheet of the genus pyropian pink seaweed, which contains P. yeti and P. tainori.

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It is most popular in Japan and some Eastern countries but is now gaining popularity in the West. There are many claims about the health benefits of eating sushi, but there is no strong evidence.

It has become very popular in the US, especially among urban women, and is very popular in places like California and New York City. Seaweed in sushi mainly consists of isoflavones or flavonoids. One theory is that these chemicals can reduce cholesterol levels, although there is no clear evidence of that.


How’s the nori feeling?

Nori has a salty, savory, and crunchy taste that makes it liked by many people. Nori is also enjoyed as a type of snack with the addition of a variety of flavors.


Features and benefits of consuming sushi nori

Nori seaweed is one of the processed foods that are savory and tasty. Many people like to eat it, either eaten with sushi or snacked on. It turns out that this food contains a variety of efficacious ingredients.

Rich in Vitamins

Nori seaweed has a considerable nutritional content, among vitamins A, C, B6, B12, even K. Of course, you know that each of these substances has tremendous and healthy benefits.

Here are the properties of each vitamin found in seaweed nori:

  • Vitamin A: maintains eye health, its benefits are like carrot vegetables.
  • Vitamin B6 and B12: Can help prevent Heart disease
  • Vitamin C: Maintains your immunity.
  • Vitamin K: Accelerates wound healing.


High Antioxidant Content

Seaweed contains abundant antioxidants ranging from carotenoids, flavonoids, and alkaloids. Antioxidants are useful to neutralize free radicals. Besides, antioxidants such as vitamin C and minerals such as manganese and zinc in brown seaweed are also beneficial for maintaining heart health.


Rich in Minerals

In addition to being rich in vitamins, seaweed nori also has a lot of mineral content. Such as iron, iodine, manganese, zinc, thiamine, calcium, niacin, and riboflavin. Of course, each of these substances has tremendous benefits.

Like iron that serves as the formation of bones, teeth, and blood clotting. Then calcium to strengthen the structure of your skeleton. There is also iodine to prevent swelling of the thyroid gland.


Preventing Diabetes

Nori seaweed can also serve as a deterrent to diabetes. This is because there are omega-3 fatty acids that are used to increase good cholesterol and can reduce bad fats.

There are even some studies that prove consuming seaweed can control glycemic and regulate blood sugar. This can certainly be useful if consumed by people with type 2 diabetes.


Helps Accelerate Wound Healing

Since ancient times, Roman culture has used seaweed to treat wounds, burns, and skin rashes. Seaweed can indeed help accelerate wound healing. The high content of vitamin K in seaweed will send chemical signals so that when you get hurt and the flowing blood will stop quickly.

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Maintaining An Ideal Weight

For those of you who like to snack on food but want to stay ideal weight, nori seaweed can be an alternative option. This is because seaweed contains low calories. Even a bowl is less than 20 calories, so it doesn’t quickly make you fat.

Besides, some studies prove that in seaweed nori there are special fibers that can prevent the absorption of fat up to 75%. Surely it will be suitable for those of you who start a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Tips or How to Choose a Good Seaweed Nori

Make Sure to Choose Fast Picking Harvested Nori

When one wants to process Japanese specialties, such as sushi, it certainly requires the main ingredient, nori or seaweed. However, when looking for the material you need to know the quality.

One to know the type of seaweed is good or can not be seen from the time of harvest. Nori harvested using fast picking will produce quality products and have a softer texture.


Choose Nori with a Color Approaching Shiny Green

When you want to buy goods or food, sometimes the first thing that someone notices is how it looks. Therefore, when using Nori Seaweed as a cooking ingredient you need to look at the color.

When you want to buy nori you can know the solemnity of the product just by looking at the outside. Seaweed that has a good quality will usually be slightly more shiny green and medium thickness.


Choose a Nori That Has Many Small Holes

Some laypeople prefer nori with full and thick texture because it is more tempting than medium thickness. To find quality seaweed and easy to consume choose the harvested fast picking.

One of its characteristics is that the nori has many small holes on its surface. Seaweed harvested by the fast picking method can shrink on its own without having to be dried then small holes will appear.


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Nori Recommendations

Kimono Yaki Sushi Nori

Kimono Yaki Sushi Nori is a variant of grilled nori that can be eaten directly or processed into sushi and onigiri. The taste is a little salty because it is seasoned with salt, suitable for Asian tongues who like spiced foods. This type of nori has good quality and is sold at pocket-saving prices.

Raw Materials: Dried seaweed

Contents: 10 sheets

Price: $3.00


NICO NICO Nori Aji Gin 6

Using silver grade seaweed, this nori is processed without additional chemicals and has been seasoned. Therefore, you can still enjoy snacks with delicious and savory taste during the diet. Despite frequent snacking, your weight will be maintained due to its high content of fiber and vitamins A, B1, B2, and C.

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Raw Materials: Dried seaweed, soy sauce, sugar, salt, seasoning, kelp extract, mushroom extract

Contents: 6 packs

Price: $3.50



In addition to in the form of sheets, nori is also sold in powder form. If you’re making takoyaki or okonomiyaki, use this nori or aonori powder as a topping. Nori powder is also called very good to maintain health because it contains 50% protein.

Nori powder contains polyunsaturated fats that are highly recommended for those of you who are on a diet. High in nutrients, aonori can be an option for those of you who like to eat, but want to stay healthy and slim!

Raw Materials: –

Contents: 25 gr

Price: $2.00


Tokinori Sushi Nori

This nori contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals that serve as antioxidants. This product is great for reducing cholesterol risk and maintaining skin health. Fun, you can enjoy this nori by eating directly or processed with udon, buckwheat, sushi, onigiri, and others.

Raw Materials: –

Contents: 50 sheets

Price: $6.00


Organic Sushi Nori (Raw)

Organic Sushi Nori (Raw) contains many nutrients that are good for health. Among them are fiber, vitamin C, protein, and minerals. If you need healthy snacks, use this nori for salad ingredients, sushi rolls, and onigiri. Another advantage that makes this nori worth selecting is its natural ingredients and crispy texture!

Raw Materials: Seaweed 100%

Contents: 10 sheets

Price: $5.00


Brand NICO NICO Nori Yaki Sushi Nori Hane Roasted Seaweed

Nori is suitable for healthy snacks because it has been tested for quality. Besides, this nori also has an affordable price so that it can be consumed daily without worrying about draining the pockets.

Raw Materials: Dried seaweed

Contents: 10 sheets

Price: $2.50


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Takaokaya Sushi Nori

One of the characteristics of quality nori is that it has a glossy green color. Because it is directly harvested from the sea and processed without chemicals and preservatives, the grilled nori from Takaokaya always has good quality. This is evident from its glossy green color.

Besides, this nori also has a smooth taste and has a medium thickness, and a lightweight. This way, you can make sushi rolls easily and practically. So, it’s no wonder why many restaurants in Japan and Korea use Takaokaya Sushi Nori.

Raw Materials: Dried seaweed

Contents: 50 sheets

Price: $9.00

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