What to do If Braces Wire is Sticking out | Lace Wire Braces

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What to do If Braces Wire is Sticking out | Lace Wire Braces

Lace Wire Braces : What are the stages of Braces or invisalign Treatment

Lace Wire Braces. There are 3 basic stages of dental braces and Invisalign therapy: the drawing board, the energetic phase, and the retention phase. All 3 stages are very important. Without extensive planning, your teeth would not move where we want them to, and the orthodontist would certainly be constantly production modifies, prominent to years and years invested wearing a home device, or substandard outcomes (we’re looking at you, mail-order clear aligners).

And however the energetic phase is what enters your mind when everybody thinks about orthodontic therapy, it would certainly all be for absolutely nothing if it just weren’t complied with by the retention phase to hold the teeth in their new places.

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