What to do When your Braces Wire is Poking you | Lip Balm for Braces

Use lip balm

A high-quality lip balm (such as the Kaplan Orthodontics Lad Stick) can change the moisture in the fragile skin on your lips. Use freely and often. Avoid lip balms with artificial ingredients, and in warm weather, choose one with an SPF factor of 15 or greater to protect against sunlight damage.

Although it can be a practice, do your best to avoid licking your lips to earn them damp, as saliva doesn’t have hydrating residential or commercial homes and will cause more dry skin.



This may appear counterproductive when your lips feel dry, but removing the external layer of dry skin is important to advertise healing. A fast and inexpensive way of scrubbing your lips is to dampen a soft toothbrush and clean your lips to remove the chapped and dry parts of the skin. After scrubbing, use a hydrating lip balm to protect and advertise healing.


Avoid citrus fruits

The acid normally found in fruits such as oranges and grapefruits can have a drying-out effect on your lips. Area the fruit first and consume carefully, or skip it entirely while your lips feel chapped.

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