Zyn vs Tobacco : And Velo Nicotine Pouches Side Effects

Which flavors are nicotine lozenges and pouches come in?

Oral nicotine products are available in a wide variety of youth-friendly flavors like mango honey lemon, cinnamon citrus burst, black cherries and numerous mint and menthol flavors.

The wide range of fruity, sweet and candy-like flavor options is worrying due to the fact that e-cigarettes based on pods such as JUUL have to comply with federal flavor restrictions as a result of the growing smoking epidemic among youth, consumers are shifting to products that offer flavor.

For instance, disposable electronic cigarettes that were exempt from the limited flavor restrictions that the FDA implemented in January of 2020 they have seen a dramatic increase in popularity. E-cigarettes with menthol flavors, and also exempt have seen a massive rapid increase in sales with an an increase of nearly 60 million dollars in sales and its market share nearly doubling.

Flavors play an important factor in attracting youth to tobacco products. More than 80 percent of youngsters who have used tobacco have reported that they started with a flavor-based product. In the course of a study with youth users who used products in the past 30 days, a vast majority of them mentioned flavor as a major reason why they purchased the product.


How are nicotine-based products for oral consumption controlled?

The products that contain nicotine or oral are at present, not restricted as strictly as products made of smokeless tobacco or combustible tobacco products in the U.S. The FDA has some rules regarding these goods, such as the requirement that manufacturers provide certain details with regards to their products, display nicotine warning labels, and follow a number of fundamental restrictions on marketing.

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There is no current regulation that would hinder or restrict the use of nicotine flavored pouches or the marketing restrictions on these products aren’t the same as those that apply to smoking tobacco products.

Manufacturers of products such as Zyn had to file their applications to the FDA in order to undergo a pre-market review before September 9th, 2020. The FDA is responsible for making sure that the products are “appropriate for the protection of public health” and approving tobacco products to be sold across the U.S.

As of today the date of this article, if any oral nicotine products are not submitted a pre-market request and are not approved, it will be susceptible to being removed of the marketplace by FDA. In addition, as of today, there is no product containing oral nicotine like Zyn is approved to be sold by the FDA.

What are the effects on the health of nicotine-infused chewable pouches?

Is Zyn safe?

Although the specific health risks of nicotine-rich pouches such as Zyn remain undetermined, young using cigarettes in all forms are dangerous. While these products aren’t technically classified as smoking tobacco, they do have numerous similarities with smokeless tobacco that carry a significant health risk.

The long-term use of smokeless tobacco can lead to nicotine addiction There is proof that smoking tobacco that is smokeless can lead to smoking cigarettes. Based on national representative research published by the National Center of Biotechnology Information the non-tobacco-using teenagers who have tried smoking smokeless tobacco are more likely to experiment with cigarettes or e-cigarettes in the year afterward.

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Truth Initiative strongly urges the FDA to eliminate all unapproved or chewing nicotine items from the sale including Zyn which the FDA has not authorized to sell. To prevent children from using these products, the elimination of flavors of all kinds, including menthol from all tobacco products is vital and should be followed by imposing limitations on the marketing of these products to limit youngsters from being exposed to them.


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